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Microsoft Teams with VoIPSolutions Protecting Your Password-Secured Accounts 

Passwords are some of the most important variables in any cybersecurity strategy. Unfortunately, many people with access to business-run systems don’t take the care needed to sufficiently protect these accounts. With the myriad of threats to these accounts, having a comprehensive password management strategy is extremely important.

To help you not only secure your network from unauthorized access, but also train your employees to use a combination of tools and actions to circumvent all attempts to use their login to grant access. 

Our team of knowledgeable professionals use our decades of experience to create customized strategies to help keep our clients’ networks secure. 

Passwords cover most digital accounts and if you don’t make clear that much of the security is keeping passwords out of the hands of cybercriminals, employees will leave your organizational security lacking. 

Let’s go through some of the things we do to help you build out a password management strategy that works to keep your business’ digital assets secure. 

Deploy a Reliable Password Manager 

A password manager is a piece of security software developed specifically to keep your employee's passwords from the prying eyes of cyberattackers. It does this in a few ways. They include:

  • Creation of secure passwords - One of the biggest problems with password management is that people tend to create passwords that they can remember. This often leads to them being insecure. A password manager will create unique and complex passwords that are very unlikely to be guessed by even the most sophisticated hacking software. 
  • Encrypted storage - A password manager will encrypt and store all account passwords. This means that employees only need to remember one password rather than the dozens they use in the course of doing business. 
  • Synchronization - A password manager can sync a user’s passwords over multiple devices to ensure they have secure access to their account credentials on whatever device they use.
  • Advanced features - Some password managers allow an organization to set up a single sign-on that automatically signs a user into the apps they use regularly with one login. Some password managers can also notify you if your credentials have been found in a data breach so you can get out in front of cybersecurity problems.

How We Can Help

We know how important your cybersecurity is to your business and we can help you promote password and user security by deploying a myriad of tools designed specifically to keep your organization safe and we can help you come up with a comprehensive cybersecurity training platform that can work to significantly cut down on your chances of being the victim of a data breach. Give us a call today at (480) 212-5153 to learn more. 

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